No In-Person Worship Until at Least June 30

Bishop Carcano announced no in-person worship until at LEAST June 30 Bishop Carcano, the episcopal leader of our California-Nevada conference, announced on Thursday 5/28 there would be no in-person worship until at least June 30. The Conference Cabinet and staff have been working extensively on protocols for re-opening and hope to use this time to further refine, study, test, and train pastors and lay leaders on how to implement them safely. You can read the Bishop's full statement here. Bishop Carcano leading our Communion liturgy and serving with us at BMUC in 2019 As you know, the state has authorized worship spaces to re-open under very strict guidelines designed to protect the populace at large. While some are recommendations, considering the demographics of our … [Read more...]

Should We Have A Church Retreat in 2021?

Goodbye 2020. Hello 2021? Our Council of Ministries (the church leadership team) decided in an abundance of caution to cancel the 2020 retreat. The amount of planning needed to host such an event along with the cost were the deciding factors leading to this decision. Safety is one of our primary concerns and the council thought this was the best way to go. However, we want your input for a possible 2021 retreat! For the past seven years, we've had the retreat on the fourth weekend in September, but is that the ideal time for us? It always meant skipping Sunday worship in our building, and while we would still have meaningful worship at the retreat, those who couldn't come were not able to join us. It also meant closing our doors on the one day visitors expect the church to … [Read more...]

Breaking Bread Slider

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Breaking Bread Together – Online!

What is it like to have online communion? In some ways, it will feel different. In some ways, it will be very much the same. And hopefully it will also be much more similar to how the disciples first experienced communion with Jesus. As Christians, we believe that Christ is always present with us, especially when we gather together, but there is something sacred and special about communion. "For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them." Matthew 18:20 Beginning May 17th and for as long as we are sheltering in place, we will host a short but meaningful communion service right after worship every 3rd Sunday. We'll give everyone five minutes to grab a bite to eat (snack / full meal / dessert - whatever your fancy) and something to drink (no alcohol please, … [Read more...]


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Help BMUC Support UMCOR

BMUC supports UMCOR in the fight against COVID-19. The United Methodist Committee on Relief has established a fund to support efforts to combat COVID-19 and Berkeley Methodist United Church is asking for your help. We are asking you to help us raise at least $1000 toward this fund. If everyone who came to worship gave $20 over the next month - not $20 a week, just $20 - we could achieve this goal! If you are not able to help us at this time, there will be other opportunities for you to help both now and in the future. But for those who are able, we would appreciate your help in this effort to fight this global pandemic. Just send in a check to BMUC in whatever amount is on your heart - $1 to $1,000,000 - and in the memo line put "UMCOR COVID-19" and your donation in full will … [Read more...]

K.I.T. Ministry – Keep In Touch!

Join our team! We need you to help us keep in touch with our folks - especially those who are not connected to social media. But for everyone who needs a bit of comfort, love, and attention. We are starting a ministry to help us stay connected better and to care for each other through letters, notes, and phone calls. If you can keep in touch with five people once a month using any of these ways, you are a great fit for our team. We just want to make sure we are touching base with everyone on a regular basis. We want to make sure no one is falling through the cracks. If you're already in touch with folks on a regular basis, we would love to know that, too. Just tell us who you are in touch with so we can include you in our network. That way we can pass information on … [Read more...]

Two Easters Slider

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Two Easters?

Easter is about resurrection. It's about renewal. It's about new life. We often celebrate baptisms and confirmations on Easter because of what the day represents. We dye Easter eggs because the egg is a symbol of new life and rebirth. So it will be for us. Right now we are going through a time of darkness. There is anxiety, fear, and worry - and rightfully so. The Coronavirus is wrecking havoc around the world and forcing us to change our daily lives. But we will have our Easter!  In all likelihood we won’t be celebrating together in person. With the CDC guidelines in place and with the continued risk of gathering together, we will have to meet online, but we will still find a way to celebrate our Lord!  We will worship.  We will sing.  We will … [Read more...]

Wednesday Night Social Hour

What are you doing Wednesday at 7pm? Hopefully, it's joining us online for Wednesday Night Social Hour! In this time of of "social distancing," we want to make sure we are not distancing ourselves away from each other. Come and join us for some time together. Catch up with everyone and see what they are up to. All you have to do is click here on our ZOOM link every Wednesday at 7pm. Each week we will have a theme just to start off discussion. But don't feel like that will limit us! We can talk about anything you all want. And we'll end our time together with a group prayer for each other and those we care about. Look at all the yummy food! Do you have a favorite? Our discussion this week: What is your favorite hymn or Christian song? Cassie came up with this … [Read more...]