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This Month

Oct 7: Rev. Craig preaching. ”Seeing things in a new light” Matthew 5:17-20 Choir singing. Church cleanup after service
Oct 10 Wed 7pm.: Scripture and a Snack Bible study series begins
Oct 14: Rev. Craig preaching. “Challenging ourselves to do things differently” Psalm 49:16-20. Kids’ Day Open house
Oct 20 Sat. 9a-4p: Leadership Reatreat
Oct 21: Rev. Craig preaching. “Evangelism” Isaiah 6:6-8 Choir singing. Memorial Candles and communion.Leadership fair after service.
Oct 28: Rev. Craig preaching. “How far are you willing to go to win people for Christ?” Matthew 6:19-24
Oct 31 Wed.: Neighborhood candy distrubution. Details TBA

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