Attending church is the beginning. We truly are the church together and the church needs YOU!
There are many ways to get involved, and helping on Sunday is gratifying and appreciated by all!
To get involved, please contact the church office at
You are welcome here!

Click for full Sunday Volunteer schedule.

Help keep BMUC beautiful! Join Sandy Kaya the 3rd Saturday each month for upkeep inside and out. Contact Sandy for details. Signup sheet in the vestibule.

December Volunteers
We are the church together!

BMUC Worship Leaders
3 Irene Tekawa
10 Cheryl Tekawa-Pon
17 Mike Yamauchi
24 Christmas Play
31 David Fujita

BMUC Ushers
3 Kevin Pon, Jaime Fukumae
10 Jackie Takahashi, Maru Hiratzka
17 Deirdre Grevious, Verna Uchida
24 Richard Sekiguchi, Ruth Ichinaga
31 Lois Kaya, Doris Smith

BMUC Pianists
3 Vicky Jennings
10 Karen Wilairat
17 Vicky Jennings
24 Irene Tekawa
31 Kaz Iwahashi, Michiko Uchida

Sunday Greeters
3 Mike Williams
10 Kiku Ito
17 Elaine Kawakami
24 Roy Yamada
31 TBA

Sunday School Teaching
Godly Play

Baby Care
3 Naty Uno
10 TBA
17 Jackie Takahashi
24 Christmas Play
31 Emma Williams

Coffee Hour & Cleanup
3 Chow Mein Fundraiser
10 Chow Mein or TBA
17 Sandy Kaya or TBA, Paul Iwahashi
24 All
31 TBA

Homevisitor Assembly
January 2018 Issue
Next article deadline 2nd Sunday 12/10
Assembly 12/17: May Hirose, Richard Sekiguchi, more help please!

New helpers are always welcome! Be the church!

If you would like to volunteer:
Church office
Thank you for being the church!